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Janitors say they cleaned Target stores for less than law requires

Target is a well-known store name across the nation. Families shop there on a daily basis, soon-to-be brides and grooms register online and college students shop for every dorm room need. It is seen as the place that has everything from food to household wares to clothing, and all at a reasonable price.

Not everyone thinks that the prices at target are reasonable. More specifically, it was a group of janitors -- actually employed by a third-party Diversified Maintenance Systems -- who said that they were not paid the wages they were due for cleaning several of the nationwide corporation's stores. The group banded together, sought the assistance of legal counsel and filed a class action lawsuit against Diversified, claiming that they were forced to work up to 80 hours per week without ever receiving the corresponding overtime pay mandated by law.

The group was comprised of approximately 200 to 250 janitors who worked at several Midwest locations. The lawsuit was recently settled by the parties. Diversified Management Systems claimed no wrongdoing but agreed to pay $675,000 to the workers.

Center of Workers United in Struggle is a group that helps workers who have suffered labor violations to organize and enforce their rights. A representative from the group said that although this was a third-party organization, it is an issue that seems to be systematic for Target Corporation. The representative reported that this in the fifth major federal lawsuit in just 10 years that involves "the cleaning of Target stores around the country."

Source: MPR News, "Target store janitors reach wage settlement," Sasha Aslanian, Feb. 15, 2013

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