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California CEO accused of employee harassment...again

Previously in our blog, we discussed the incidents of discrimination and harassment at the California retailer American Apparel. Specifically, the blog posts have related to actions taken by the company's CEO against the company's employees. Previous posts have included sexual harassment claims against the CEO. One of the previous sexual harassment claims even turned into a class action suit against the California company.

The claimed employee harassment by the California company's CEO against employees has not ended. Recently, an employee has filed an employment harassment suit against the company and the CEO. In addition to the harassment claims, the lawsuit may also includes allegations of assault by the CEO against an employee and potential wrongful termination. It was reported the lawsuit has been filed in a California court.

The lawsuit was filed by a former male employee of the company. The former male employee was employed as a store manager and through his position had direct contact with the company's CEO. The employee claims the CEO screamed at him over the phone at the employee's workplace and during the conversation used derogatory terms towards the employee related to race and sexual orientation.

After the telephone conversation, the employee claims the CEO entered the employee's workplace and physically assaulted the employee. The physical altercation allegedly included the CEO choking the employee and smearing dirt on the employee's face.

Following the incident, the employee contacted the company's human resourced department to report the incident. In response to the employee's report, the human resources department allegedly told the employee he would be fired if he filed a complaint. The employee did not file a complaint, but was later terminated anyway. The lawsuit is still pending and the employee is requesting an unspecified amount of damages.

Source: InvestorPlace, "Dov Charney Accused of Insulting, Attacking Employee," Christopher Freeburn, Dec. 4, 2012

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